If you are considering treatment with Nancy Gordon, LCSW, of Borderline Personality Disorder, rest assured you have come to the right place!

While you are trapped in your own mind and behavior patterns, Nancy will guide youthrough to the other side into the fabled “life worth living”.  She is the parent-figure you get to choose and prosper with and, a life-time of being misunderstood, (even by yourself) stops here.

My story is long and I was a most difficult case, but I do believe I have a life worth living now because of Nancy’s help and training. She is a true professional and leader in her field. I have twenty-seven years of talk therapy under my belt so when I landed on her doorstep I had seen/heard it all, including completing DBT once through and a year of DBT therapy.

Nancy was firm, and she follows her own rules because she says what she means and means what she says. The promise she makes “she wont work harder than you do” she lives by. She is intelligent, empathetic, committed, intuitive, and wise. She will push you. She will force you to go further than your comfort zone on many occasions. I found myself arguing with her to slow down sometimes while I grew a little more. DBT in and of itself is hard work, and Nancy will be in the ring with you to coach you every step of the way. Even as hard as it is to trust anyone, she will prove herself trust-worthy.

There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe the gratitude I have for Nancy Gordon having worked with me to give me my life back. The only hope I have is that she take her vitamins so she can continue to do what she does so well, which is to be a beacon of hope in the lives of those impacted by BPD.

– Olivia

You have come to the right place!