I highly recommend the TBCforCBT Family Education and Support Program.  For me it provided an instant connection with people who understood how I felt. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about what was going on in my life,  but the people in the group just knew what it was like and would listen without judgment.  I listened to them and learned from their experiences, too.  Part of it was learning about boundaries–how to take care of yourself while caring for someone who has mental illness.

I also learned skills which helped me interact with my partner in a way that caused less conflict.  I think she took my participation as a sign that I was willing to make changes, too.  She was working hard in therapy to make changes in her life, so it was good for her to see I’d meet her half-way.  And I really did learn so many skills that helped me keep my cool with her and helped me in other situations–my family, work, social settings.

If you have a loved one already in treatment or even if they aren’t yet ready for treatment, this group will give you very valuable tools.  CB

– Casey

I highly recommend TBC for CBT