Have you had introductory DBT Training?

Were you bitten by the DBT bug and want to enhance your training and provide DBT with fidelity to the treatment model? 

Are you interested in working towards DBT Certification? 


TBC for CBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy On-Line Consultation Team
A weekly, on-line professional development experience

The DBT Consultation team is often referred to as “therapy for the therapist.” The team’s role is to “help the therapist think clearly about how to conceptualize the patient, the relationship, and behavioral change in DBT theoretical terms, and how to apply the treatment skillfully.” (Linehan, 1993, p. 428). The team also helps each member maintain balanced attitudes and behaviors toward clients and members act as cheerleaders to maintain the motivation of each member.
From: DBT-Linehan Board of Certification website https://dbt-lbc.org/index.php?page=101147#consultation

As you know from your DBT training, the Consultation Team is one of the 4 modes of treatment required for comprehensive, effective DBT treatment. The Consultation Team also provides the ongoing learning, support and encouragement every therapist needs to keep going in the face of enormous clinical challenges.

TBC for CBT is offering an ongoing, on-line Consultation Team led by Nancy Gordon, LCSW, a highly skilled and experienced supervisor, leader and trainer who has been Intensively Trained in DBT since 1998 and was the first therapist certified in the state of Florida in 2015. Membership is limited to 6 people. Each session will conform to the Consultation Team principles and format specified by Marsha Linehan. For a very detailed description of the Consultation Team, please see: https://dbt-lbc.org/index.php?page=101147#consultation.

When and Where
The Consultation Team meets for 60-90 minutes (depending on the size of the group) in a video-conference format. A computer, tablet or cell phone with a camera is all the technology you will need. A high-speed internet connection and a head set with a microphone is recommended.  The Consultation Team will meet at times that will work for participants.  Individual consultations can also be scheduled if requested for more individualized supervision or practice management coaching.

The Learning Objectives
During the Consultation Team, participants will:

  • Utilize the Behavioral Agreements of the DBT Consultation Team
  • Utilize the Consultation Team Agreements
  • Participate in a variety of mindfulness practices
  • Utilize DBT Consultation Team Agenda Setting
  • Participate in Case Consultation (based on hierarchy of targets and urgency ratings);
  • Participate in learning and practicing DBT Skills and Concepts
  • Receive consultation on DBT Certification.

The Cost
The cost of membership in the Consultation Team is $160 per month for an hour, $180 a month for 90 minutes. The benefits of membership include: participation in the weekly Consultation Team sessions; unlimited access to files and resources of TBC for CBT; DBT documents created by team leaders such as skills group handouts and diary cards and; skills coaching calls FOR YOU!.

We will provide invoices and charge your credit card at the end of each month. Each member will provide a Credit Card Authorization form.  You may cancel your membership at the end of any month.  You will be charged for consultation sessions held despite attendance.  If the session is cancelled by the facilitator or we all agree to cancel due to holiday/hurricane, or whatever that fee will be waived.

Who Should Participate
Members should have a basic DBT training and/or direct supervised experience in DBT and be actively leading, or working towards leading DBT skills groups and providing DBT individual therapy

Please contact: Nancy Gordon, LCSW.  nancy@tbcforcbt.com