Referral Process for New Clients (please read this through)

Please be aware that we do not treat children under the age of 13 and we do not contract with insurance companies

We, at TBCforCBT have found that the following intake process helps us help you to make better decisions about whether this is the right treatment or therapist for you.  Far too many clients have reported starting right off with a new counselor, only to find out that it wasn’t a good match for them, thereby wasting valuable time and money.  In addition we want to make sure that we are capable of addressing the specific problems you want help for.  We do not assume that all therapists are skilled at treating all problems or that all clients will “click” with all therapists.

New client referral process:  We are currently running a wait list.  In order to get on the wait list, please follow these steps.
Call 813-480-8482 for a free initial phone consultation where we will collect demographic and clinical information, appointment availability and provide you with information such as services available and fees in order to match you with the best therapist for your needs.  Leave a message and one of our interns will call you back to answer questions and take information. Please note you may get the return call from a number you don’t recognize.  Please answer it or have your voice mail set up.  We will leave a message but it is often hard to reach people who have called us for information or services. 

If it sounds like we have the services to help, and you are interested in proceeding to the next step, we will schedule a 90 minute consultation appointment (fee $200.00).   There is no commitment to treatment beyond this appointment.  You are encouraged to bring a family member or support person, and the goal of this session is to learn more about your needs, have you to meet the therapist, hear about the program and treatment recommendations, and make sure the therapist and the treatment are a good match for you.  The therapist you meet with would be the ongoing therapist you will be working with.

Prior to the consultation appointment, you will be set up with a “patient portal” from our electronic medical record (EMR) called Valant.  From there you can fill out and print out the initial forms and the therapist assigned to the consultation appointment will send you some questionnaires to fill out ahead of the appointment.   You can also find those forms and instructions and where to email them or fax them on the website on the link Valant Patient Portal Link and FormsPlease note that these forms must be filled out prior to the Consultation appointment or the appointment will have to be rescheduled. 

The consultation appointment starts off with the therapist meeting with you and your support people first and then with you alone.  You’ll be asked to share the reasons for seeking therapy, your history of prior treatment, and other pertinent information in order to better understand your situation and needs.  In addition, you will be oriented to the types of services we provide.  At the end of this session the therapist will provide you with treatment recommendations which may include a recommendation for a preliminary treatment plan at TBC for CBT or other referrals if necessary.  At that point you will have a decision to say yes, no, or “I’ll think about it” about starting treatment here.

Once an agreement is made that treatment will start at TBC for CBT, issues such as payment, frequency, scheduling and other initial treatment planning decisions will be decided.

TBC for CBT does not contract with any insurance companies but if a client has out of network benefits, we will provide you with a billing statement (also known as a “super-bill”) with all the necessary information, so you can submit for reimbursement and we will assist however we can, but we do not submit claims to or receive payments from any insurance companies.  Full payment for services is required when the service is rendered.  Rates for the services are based on the type of service and the experience of the therapist.  We are a training center for DBT and other evidence-based treatments and therefore we have therapists ranging from students to very experienced licensed and DBT-LBC Certified therapists.  There are a limited number of scholarship or reduced fee slots available based on financial need and level of commitment to treatment.  These scholarship opportunities are discussed and offered AFTER the consultation appointment is held.  The rates are as follows:  50 minute Individual or family sessions: $60.00 to $200.00 a hour.  Weekly Hour and 3/4 DBT skills group for adults: (must be in individual therapy in order to attend DBT groups) 60.00 a session.  Weekly Hour and 3/4 DBT Multifamily Group for teens and one parent: $70.00 for both per session.  We also have a 90 minute DBT Pre-Treatment Group available for those who have providers outside our clinic.  See our Groups Page for more information.

In order to provide the highest quality of care possible, we often videotape sessions for client and supervisory purposes.  In addition, because we are a training center for new therapists, we also may request that a therapy intern attend the consultation appointment or some sessions.  Of course, we will ask your consent for these things, and you will have the final say, and it is no problem if you are not comfortable with that.