Although these are scary times, we want to let you know how we plan to support our clients, families and staff.

TBC for CBT staff are classified as “Essential Workers” and will be providing telehealth therapy and group to any new or existing clients using VSEE or ZOOM. If there is an emergent need to meet with someone in person, we will do so while strictly following CDC and Florida State guidelines. Please check with your therapist for any updates or changes in this.

There are specific laws, guidelines and consents required to treat people through telehealth. Please see our consent forms in the forms section of the website. Your therapist or Group Leader will orient you to policies required to keep therapy confidential, safe and effective.

For new clients, the process will change a bit from our regular process regarding the first appointment which we call the Consultation. First, read through the link on the website After you complete your phone intake, your therapist will send you the information needed to create your patient portal, complete assessments, and where and how to print out, complete, sign and submit the intake paperwork. ALL this must be completed prior to attending the Consultation Appointment. If it is not completed, the appointment will need to be rescheduled. The therapist will also send you a link to set up the telehealth platform and you will do the consultation appointment online.

We want you to rely on practicing your skills here. All of them! They all apply. Validate the emotions related to this worldwide crisis, AND also please remember; we are resilient, we can weather this through and check the facts. As always, skills coaching is available if you need help. Stay Healthy and Safe! Warmly, Nancy

TBC for CBT update on Covid- 19 Operations 3/24/20