Validating Child and Adolescent Thoughts and Feelings

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Wednesday, May 11 @ 11am ET

Dr. Blaise Aguirre Discusses the Impact of Validating Emotional Experiences

Everyone wants to be seen and heard. Validation, at its core, is a way of letting someone we care for know that we understand them, and in turn, can strengthen our connection with our loved ones. Validating the thoughts and feelings of kids and adolescents is especially important, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them, since it lets them feel seen and heard.

How can we help our kids recognize their feelings? What are some ways that we can validate our children’s thoughts and emotions? Is it ever too late to start validating how others feel?

Join us as Blaise Aguirre, MD, provides examples of what validation looks and feels like in kids and teens, shares ways to support our loved ones’ thoughts and feelings, and answers audience questions about learning how to validate feelings at any age.

May is BPD and Mental Health Awareness Month