Every year I look back at last years message and think about where we are vs. where we were.  We all have used so many of our DBT skills (knowingly or not) these past two years.  My goodness, where would we be if we hadn’t??? I can’t fathom.   I’m so grateful for our clients, the families, and others who have entrusted us with your care and education.  THANK YOU to the wonderful staff of TBC for CBT for always striving for excellence in your care of clients and being there for each other.You all know I like to share interesting links in each of my newsletters.  Brene Brown’s change of mind about the ability to recognize emotions in others is very thought provoking. Read it HERE50(13.2%) Warmly and Lovingly wishing you peace and health in 2022,
Nancy, along with Charlie, Kat, Christine, Valerie, Alex, Heidi, Shelby and ChrisP.S.  Keep an eye out on the Continuing Education page for trainings that will be posted for 2022.  There is some exciting news about a free DBT training for Florida providers coming up in March that I can’t share yet.  Also, after a hiatus due to Covid-19, the Florida Borderline Personality Disorder Association is working on getting back to providing our free DBT Skills Class both in person and virtually in the new year.  We are still providing the Family Program virtually.  Also, if you or anyone you know might be interested in joining our DBT team at TBC for CBT we are hiring an intake coordinator and therapists.  Contact Nancy at nancy@tbcforcbt.com
Happy Holidays to all!