Alex is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working and training at TBC for CBT since January 2019. She began her MSW internship under the supervision of Sarah Coker, LCSW. After graduating, Alex stayed with TBC for CBT to continue supervision with DBT®-Linehan Board Certified Clinician Nancy Gordon, LCSW. Alex has received her Master of Social Work degree in 2020 and undergraduate degree in Psychology and Criminology in 2019. She achieved her license in July 2022.

During her time at TBC, she has been intensively trained in DBT and other evidenced based treatments, such as: CPT for PTSD and CBT. She is actively working towards DBT-LBC Certification.

Prior to being at TBC for CBT, Alex had over 2 years of experience as a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate and On-Call Advocate at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and USF Victim Advocacy where she provided crisis intervention, safety planning, psychoeducation, community referrals, emotional support and responded to forensic medical exams 24/7 for survivors of sexual violence. Alex has worked with adolescents in DJJ (Department of Juvenile Justice) by providing CBT, TF-CBT, and Family Therapy to help reduce recidivism and aid in reintegration. She also has experience working with children who have experienced abuse, neglect, or abandonment through Guardian Ad Litem.

This experience, plus her training at TBC for CBT has made her an amazingly competent therapist who can work with teens and adults with just about any complex clinical needs.

Alex’s interests include roller skating, traveling, her two cats, and spending time in nature. She is passionate about helping others, DBT, and continuing her work with people to achieve their “Life Worth Living Goals”.

Alexandra Pellot