DBT Skills Application Group for Adults
• A process support group for clients who have completed Stage I DBT skills group and who want to continue to strengthen and generalize skills in managing distress and problems of daily living, with a special focus on behavior activation and increasing compassion towards themselves and others.
• The group is to help clients to facilitate working towards their life worth living goals in areas such as work, education, relationships, spirituality, health, sobriety, and however you define it.
• The group is led by a therapist and can be used as a step-down from the more intensive DBT program or as a way to get a refresher if desired.

*The Application group is not appropriate for crisis patterns/behaviors

Criteria and Expectation of Group Members:

• Each member will generate their goals and may complete a diary card or a goal tracking sheet.
• Members will have completed Skills Training and will have a fundamental knowledge of skills.
• Members will have achieved a significant reduction of Stage 1 behavior‏s and has a Therapist referral and recommendation for readiness:
– Absence of hospitalization or ER services for 3 months
– No active self-harm, aggressive, or suicidal behavior‏s for 3 months
– Ideally clean and sober, but at a minimum, a commitment to not come to group using substances and to not engage other group members in any using behavior‏s.
• Members have a history of positive group behavior‏s:
– Able to effectively participate in group despite being triggered by others
– Able to balance sharing with listening and validating and able to give and receive effective feedback.
• Members will either be in DBT therapy or were successfully discharged from DBT Therapy and agree to return to therapy if stage 1 behavior‏s resume.

Format/ Session structure:

• The group is held every other week for 1.5 hours by one facilitator (day/time to be determined) Observer role will be rotated between members to manage time and group rules.
• General DBT group guidelines apply (except that there is no requirement to have weekly individual sessions)
• Group starts with ringing the bell, then mindfulness, rotated and led by members (when ready).
• Brief Check-in and Agenda setting: Non-judgmental observations of example of skills used and/or of struggles to use skills related to the client’s goals. How much time do you need and what level of importance?
• During group members’ time Member tells the group what they need (validation, problem solving, skills coaching, skills review, reinforcement, validation, etc.) Group gives member feedback, advice, support, etc.
• Review or teach new skills.
• Closing: Did everyone get what they needed? Skills review and mindfulness or practice assignment for next group. 


• A minimum of 4 people are needed to make the group viable. The maximum is 8.
• Members will be pre-screened by telephone (if client has received or is receiving treatment from a TBC for CBT Therapist) or by a consultation session (if client is a new client to TBC for CBT) to identify individual goals for the group and insure they meet the criteria.
• Confidentiality, releases, crisis plan, and registration paperwork will be filled out by the start of the first group.
• Client attendance is documented on “Group progress notes”
• Members can start anytime, there are no “Modules”. 
• Fees must be paid by cash, check or by PayPal either up front or at the time of service.
– $50.00 per session 
–  Limited scholarship rates available.
– Self-Pay only. TBC for CBT will not be responsible for filing any insurance claims although invoices will be made available if requested.
– $50.00 deposit required to register. Please contact Nancy 813-480-8482 or at nancy@tbcforcbt.com for more information