FESPAs our DBT program has grown, it has become clear that family members of people who are either in need of, or who are receiving this treatment need education and support as much as the client.  This program is designed for friends or family members of people who have a mental illness that causes significant emotional/behavioral dysregulation which has had an impact on others in their lives.  This program is not for the people who have the illness.

The program consists of 9 sessions which begin on a Saturday morning from 9-1 and is limited to 12 people.  The other eight groups are held every other Monday from 6:00-8:00 pm. 

I have developed the curriculum for this group after 30 years of meeting with clients and family members  and doing research into the effectiveness of the education and support groups offered.  We are in the midst of doing outcome studies on the effectiveness of this group.  We are finding that having family members involved in this group has positively impacted their ability to support their loved-one and feel less burdened by the disorder.  In addition, clients are reporting that having their family members involved in this way has positively impacted their progress in treatment.  Family members are welcome regardless of whether their loved-one is in treatment.

Here is the schedule for our NEXT FESP Group which meets in the TBC for CBT Group room at 511 Wilbur St. Brandon, FL. 33511.

Our next group, (Group-A) will start August 11th, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and will be held every other monday night from 6-8pm.  Please see the dates below.  In order to reserve a seat, there needs to be a 60.00 deposit paid for each attendee, please fill out the registration and payment link below.

If this group fills up we will add another group (Group B) which will run on the alternate Mondays.

The Topic for  the first session, Grp A: 8/11/18;   Grp B:  N/A   

Welcome, Get to know each other, Video and Orientation to Group

The Topic for  the 2nd session, Grp A: 8/13/18;   Grp B: N/A  

Orientation to DBT, Dialectics and Mindfulness.

The Topic for the 3rd session,  Grp A:  8/27/18;   Grp B: N/A    Biosocial Theory and the Brain research

The Topic for 4th session,         Grp A:  9/10/18;   Grp B:  N/A  Walking the Middle Path; Behaviorism and Dialectics

The Topic for the 5th session,   Grp A: 9/24/18;  Grp B:  N/A  Validation, Validation, Validation!

The Topic for the 6th session,  Grp A: 10/08/18;   GRP B:  N/A  Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

The Topic for the 7th session,  Grp A:  10/22/18;  Grp B:  N/A   Emotion Regulation Skills

The Topic for the 8th session,  Grp A: 11/05/17;    Grp B:  N/A  Distress Tolerance Skills

The Topic for the 9th and final session, GRP A 11/19/18;  Grp B: (N/A)  Open Discussion and Pot Luck and guest speaker

Please see flyer and contact TBCforCBT for more information.

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FESP -Grp A, August 11, 2018

Family Education and Support Program
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