Shelby is a clinical intern and graduate student at the University of Central Florida studying to achieve a Master’s degree in social work. She began her clinical internship at TCB in 2021. Shelby received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Southeastern University in 2016. After graduation, Shelby worked in an administrative role at Rogers Behavioral Health in Tampa. She received training in CBT and ERP from the clinical team at Rogers and was promoted to the role of Behavior Specialist. In this role, she specialized in treating adults with anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety, OCD, panic disorder, and social phobia. Shelby has worked as a graduate research assistant at UCF and contributed to the Florida Implementation of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention Project. This research serves to help develop effective interventions and better understand the population affected by suicide. Shelby is passionate about helping people learn how to manage the difficulties that come with various life stressors. She will be practicing as a student intern under the supervision of Christine Barker, LCSW. Shelby likes spending her time with her husband and 2 dogs. She is interested in traveling and enjoys visiting her family in Colombia.

Shelby Gaudette