Katrina Ausley has been working and training at TBC for CBT since 2017. She received her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Criminology from Stetson University in 2013. After graduation, Katrina, who has practiced yoga for more than a decade, was trained extensively as a yogi and studied mindfulness and yogi practices in Denver, Colorado.  She completed her Master’s in Social Work, at the University of South Florida, Tampa campus, in 2018, during which she completed an intensive internship at TBC for CBT under the supervision of Nancy Gordon, LCSW, who remains her mentor and supervisor.

Katrina is passionate about helping others and combines her commitment to helping those in need of services with her passion for mindfulness and meditation. Katrina’s techniques and sessions sometimes include Vash, a certified Emotional Support Animal who is currently training to be a therapy animal.

Katrina Ausley